Saskatoon Redwings Zone

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Send us a message, and we will direct it to the appropriate executive member for you.

Name: Aaron Scrobe
Position: Commissioner
Name: Jody Gress
Position: 1st Asst Commissioner
Name: Danny Larocque
Position: 2nd Asst Commissioner
Name: Garth Kuemper
Position: Past Commissioner
Name: Rhonda Herman
Position: Treasurer
Name: Daryl Smith
Position: Registrar
Name: Shauna Anderson
Position: Website & Communications
Name: Laura Bosovich
Position: Secretary
Name: Shane Wingert
Position: Coach Mentor
Name: Jenn Grenier
Position: Manager Coordinator
Name: Jaclyn Donahue
Position: Goalie Coordinator
Name: Cory Venne
Position: Equipment Manager
Name: Bingo Coordinator
Name: Scott Henbury
Position: U18 Commissioner
Name: Jeff Spencer
Position: U15 Coordinator
Name: Mike Lees
Position: U13 Coordinator
Name: Mark Hollman
Position: U11 Coordinator
Name: Guy Sveinbjornson
Position: U9 Coordinator
Name: Bruce Vandenberg
Position: U7 Coordinator